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          1. Welcome to Tongxiang Guohong Chem Co.,Ltd.!

            Product list


            Modified Environment-friendly plasticizer DOTP-1

            Modified Environment-friendly plasticizer DOTP-1 is a new environment-friendly plasticizer (available through the EU REACH regulations); due to inexpensive price, excellent product performance, REACH regulation-meeting, it gradually becomes the mainstream plasticizer, and can replace ATBC, DOP, DBP, can be used for the main plasticizer instead of DOP, DBP. It is superior to DOP, DBP in several important parameters. It has the features as high efficiency , Environment-friendly, non-toxic, long thermal stability time, good compatibility with the polymer, low volatility, can inhibit the exudation, big capacity of the supercharger, high brightness products.

            Classification comparison:

            The following environment-friendly Modified DOTP and DOP / DBP / ATBC three kinds of common plasticizer on the market comparison.

            DOP dioctyl phthalate - the most common general purpose plasticizer on the market today. But with the EU REACH regulations on phthalates restrictions will gradually withdraw from the mainstream plasticizer market.

            DBP dibutyl phthalate - DBP volatility is very large, plasticizing effect is not as good as synthetic plant esters and DOP, and DBP isotopic oxide indicators are high, in the medical side is absolutely can not be used.

            ATBC is currently the market is more common mainstream Environment-friendly plasticizer, but its price has been high, can not reduce the cost of production.

            Modified Environment-friendly plasticizer DOTP-1 has a non-toxic Environment-friendly, up to medical grade requirements, inhibition of oil, faster growth efficiency than DOP and DBP, thermal stability for a long time, with DOP / DBP / ATBC (or other price High plasticizer) use, without affecting the various performance indicators at the same time, a significant reduction in production costs.


            Can be widely used in artificial leather, polyurethane, PVC cable material, plastic film, plastic sandals, foam sandals, doors and windows and windows seals, PVC profile, soft board, all kinds of soft, hard pipe, decorative materials, and all products using plasticizer, can reduce more than 30% of the production costs. Can break the Environment-friendly barriers of trade with the EU.


            1. work with DOP, DBP, ATBC to offer better results.
            2. mechanical performance is better than DOP, DBP, product durability, excellent flexibility.
            3. can inhibit the leakage of grease.
            4. good compatibility with PVC
            5. can shorten the stirring time, improve the processing of liquidity.
            6. do not need to change the conditions of the process, can be replaced in the formula.
            7. can ensure product quality, and can greatly reduce production costs.

            Address: No.368 Guangming Road, Chongfu Town Industrial Zone, Tongxiang, China

            Tian Xin / +86-15068359113


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